How can we save on heating? Don't worry, we are going to offer a series of tips to help you use your heating and save energy at home.

Extract the air from the radiators

This action is essential to get the best performance and savings with your gas heater. It should be done periodically, at least once a year, to prevent the accumulation of small air bubbles that prevent heat from circulating. If these bubbles block the heat output, we will need to keep the heating on for longer to get the temperature we want.

Switch to an energy-saving heater

Although this option may seem expensive at first, you will see that it is a full-fledged investment, as you will notice a saving in heating costs. As they are more efficient, they are capable of generating the same energy while consuming less gas. However, they do need to be serviced more regularly to check that they are still working properly.

Do not cover radiators while they are working

It is customary in many homes to place wet clothes on top of the radiators, this causes a thermal barrier and makes the radiator work harder to heat the atmosphere in the house.

Control the temperature

Maintaining a temperature between 19 and 21º is ideal to save energy. At night the perfect temperature is 16º, which means energy savings at home. The temperature should be kept constant and not too high, and try to keep it on when you are at home.

Insulate doors and windows

There is a big difference between the temperature outside and inside the heated house. To prevent heat from escaping, good thermal insulation should be installed.

Ventilate the house early

Ventilating a house is a highly recommended action, especially early in the morning, so it will not be necessary to restore the comfortable temperature abruptly, and therefore, we will not need to make such a large expenditure of energy.

Use curtains and blinds correctly

It is important to have the blinds up, especially on sunny days, so that the sun's rays can warm the house. Curtains, on the other hand, prevent heat from escaping and the cold from the street from coming in.

Keep warm at home

Although it sounds obvious, there are people who think that, just because you are at home, you won't be cold, but they are wrong, keeping warm at home is the most advisable way to keep warm, and if the temperature is not too low, you won't need to turn on the heating for many hours.