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Intelligent homes, also called smart homes, are a type of dwelling that is made up of different electronic devices and household appliances with the technology to be controlled remotely. 

These home automation systems are accessible from a mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, laptop, as well as from any device that is prepared to connect to the network. This connection is achieved by using a specific programme that will be compatible with the sound system, audio system or appliance in question.

In TecnoClima we are the sound and audio company you are looking for. We provide real solutions to adapt to the needs of even the most demanding customers

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    Find out about the services we can offer you at Tecnoclima 

    There is a growing demand for smart homes. At Tecnoclima we help you with the installation of your professional sound equipment, with the home cinema structure you want to give shape to, with audio automation, etc. 

    We adapt the different services to both indoors and outdoors. We take into account the environment and the area of the home in which it is going to be performed.

    As expert installers of intelligent sound and video systems, we always work with intuitive devices that are tailored to what the customer is looking for. The idea is to make your life much easier, so that you can control them and they adapt to what you are looking for without the slightest complication.

    Our home audio and video installation integrates the playback of content mission through different devices, such as Apple TV, Blu-Ray, cable TV, video consoles, and a long etcetera.

    Why should you trust Tecnoclima for the installation of a sound and video system in your home?

    • You will get a completely different experience: having a professional sound system at home will help you to live unique experiences. It is an interesting formula for enjoying that Netflix series, that game on the console, that film in 4K quality. If you haven’t yet enjoyed content with a good sound system at home, you don’t know what you’re missing.
    • Simple operation: our professional sound system is designed for easy user control. The idea is that all you have to do is turn it on and you can start enjoying it, without wasting any more time than necessary.
    • Revaluing the home: having a smart home is highly valued. Investing in one of these devices will help you to increase the value of your home.

    It’s time to have access to the very latest in video and audio quality! Check out Tecnoclima’s multimedia system solutions to discover how we can adapt them to any space.