Home automation systems

Technology has not only revolutionised the way we work or spend our leisure time, but also the way we relate to our home. Thanks to home automation systems, at Tecnoclima we design and adapt exclusive technologies to provide your home with the security and comfort you are looking for. We create innovative systems to automate the entire home. In this way, home automation becomes an ally. A home with home automation is a friendlier and more accessible home thanks to a technology that is easy to use and very intuitive.

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    Home automation solutions

    Home automation allows, for example, access control, surveillance, or even centralised locking of doors and shutters and all communications within the home.

    Home automation systems in the home collect all the information about the home and how people use it. The information is then processed and a series of automated commands are executed, which can be programmed by the user.

    In a home automation system, for example, it is possible to lower and raise the blinds every day while you are away to give the impression that the house is alive and to keep burglars away from your home.

    In recent years, home automation has gained importance among Spanish households because this home automation system not only makes your life easier and more comfortable, it also allows you to delegate actions to technology and dedicate that time to rest and spend it doing what you really like.

    Home automation systems

    The operation of a home automation system is very simple. The most important thing for a smart home automation system is to have Internet and a Wi-Fi network so that the home automation devices can receive information and share it with the user and the central system. 

    This interaction between the system and the person living in the home usually takes place via the mobile phone, with an app that stores, updates and sends data. An example would be connecting the car’s GPS with the home’s thermostat through home automation so that, when you park, the heating starts up and begins to create a warmer climate as soon as you arrive.

    Home automation company

    As a home automation company in Malaga we offer a comprehensive service for the automation of a house. Our home automation expert offers advice on the selection of systems and devices as well as a home automation installation quote. All with a view to making your home a more comfortable and secure home that contributes to the well-being of the whole family, making their lives easier.

    On the other hand, another benefit of homes with home automation is that they become smart homes that facilitate greater energy savings and efficiency thanks, for example, to simple actions such as turning off the lights with a click or deactivating the plug with a mobile application.

    Our home automation expert offers advice on the selection of systems and devices as well as a quotation for home automation installation.

    Home automation security

    With home automation, it is clear that the comfort and well-being of the whole family is assured. However, as with any technological tool that receives and shares data, it is important to ensure the security of this type of system.

    Any Tecnoclima home automation expert knows how important it is that the devices have privacy and security conditions. Thus, as home automation suppliers, during the process of automating your home, we will check several aspects to guarantee your home automation security:

    • We verify with the manufacturer whether the server for the home automation system is a service
    • Managed through the cloud or through its own server.
    • We study what type of data is shared with the server and the use of the same and which services require connection to the outside.
    • We analyse whether the data shared by the manufacturer’s server is encrypted and, in addition, we offer you a series of advice and preventive measures to guarantee and reinforce your protection.

    In this context, there are some simple home automation best practices. For example: switch on devices only when they are going to be used or, if necessary, do a factory reset every few years and ask the home automation company to delete the collected data.

    Other very practical tips that most people are familiar with if they regularly use technology devices and software are to use different passwords for each device that are secure and strong, and to always install the latest device updates to ensure that you have all the security patches.