iluminación inteligente

Smart Lighting: What it is and how it works

Smart lighting is one of the most fashionable functionalities that have become more and more popular in recent years in order to have an up-to-date home and work space. It is a system that helps to increase the comfort of inhabitants or workers while contributing to energy savings. For this reason, more and more people […]

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hombre poniendo música con domótica

What is a wifi thermostat and how does it work?

A wifi thermostat is one of the most practical elements on the rise. This is due to its advantages over traditional systems. In addition, it allows you to control the temperature of any room in homes and businesses more efficiently. A wireless wifi thermostat is the most efficient system for heating a room only when […]

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Casa domótica

Whatis domotics?

We have probably heard the term “smart home” at some point. But what exactly is this, can our home think or reason? And the answer, of course, is a resounding no. To understand this term, it is necessary to know what home automation is and how it is possible for our flat to be able […]

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ahorrar en factura de la luz

Tips for saving electricity in your home

Are your electricity bills starting to get higher and higher? In this article we are going to explain why electricity prices are rising and how yo Why is electricity so expensive? Over the last few months we have witnessed an escalation in prices unparalleled by any other time in known history. The price of electricity […]

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aire acondicionado

Types of home air conditioning

A few years ago, having air conditioning at home was an option only for some households. But today it is so commonplace that the vast majority of homes and businesses use some form of air conditioning. But which one to choose? And what types of air conditioners are there for the home? Let’s take a […]

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regular termostato

Best tips to save on heating

How can we save on heating? Don’t worry, we are going to offer a series of tips to help you use your heating and save energy at home. Extract the air from the radiators This action is essential to get the best performance and savings with your gas heater. It should be done periodically, at […]

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Control domótico aire acondicionado

Domotic control of air conditioning

Domotic control of air conditioning is one of the most interesting innovations that we find in the air conditioning sector today. It is about home automation of air conditioning so that we can control the air conditioning in our homes or offices in a practically automated way. Domotising air conditioning means making our air conditioning […]

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cerradura inteligente

Advantages of installing electronic locks in your home

We all want greater security in our homes, and sometimes it is worth investing money in this type of thing. Today we are going to tell you why electronic locks are necessary and what their main advantages are, but first let’s talk a little about them. What are electronic locks? It is an evolution of […]

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Tips para contratar un ADSL a juego con tu casa domotizada

Tips for contracting ADSL to match your domotic house

¿Sabías que puedes disfrutar de una conexión a internet al precio más bajo aunque no haya cobertura de fibra en tu zona? En este artículo te contamos todo lo que quieres saber sobre este tema y mucho más. How to sign up for ADSL? This is something else! You have undertaken all the necessary reforms […]

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Control domótico aire acondicionado

Difference between climate control and air conditioning

If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner, the first thing you will find in any air conditioning service is the presence of a device called an air conditioner. Is it the same as an air conditioner? Although we are talking about very similar devices, there is a key difference. If you want to […]

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instalaciones domótica de aire acondicionado

How to choose an air conditioner

An air conditioner will help us to stay cool when the temperatures rise and warm when they fall. However, there are many models on the market. There are many doubts to answer in order to know how to choose an air conditioner. We are Tecnoclima, experts in air conditioning and maintenance in Malaga. Read on […]

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Elegancia en el control y la automatizacion

Home Automation

Home automation allows us to automate certain tasks in the home, making our lives much simpler. These devices have evolved a lot over the last few years: they are now more versatile (capable of doing more tasks), easier to control and with features that we would not have thought possible. If you are interested in […]

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Cómo convertir una casa inteligente

What is a smart home?

The smart home concept refers to homes that have automated and home automation systems to improve the efficiency and comfort of all these systems. We are talking about elements that we all have in our homes such as lights, audio, electrical appliances and air conditioning to give some examples. Many smart homes go further and […]

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qué es la domótica

What is home automation for?

Home automation is undoubtedly one of the most interesting areas in terms of improving comfort and efficiency in the home. If you are wondering what home automation is for, it is probably because you have seen a home automation development adapted to some element, such as air conditioning, audio or similar, and you are interested […]

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jung tecnologia

Design and innovative technology with JUNG

In JUNG, the creative requirement and the ambition to carry out advanced solutions for the classic electrical installation up to the intelligent technical installation for the building interact with mastery. Strategic thinking and forward thinking have always characterized us. Products and systems JUNG JUNG systems offer future-proof solutions for both the classic electrical installation and […]

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Milan Design Week 2019

We attend Milan Design Week

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of attending Milan Design Week, an event held at Salone del Mobile.Milano, where signatures and creators present their latest creations. This event presents the latest trends for next year and announces a tide of events, exhibitions and presentations. During Milan Design Week, many major brands located in […]

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Soluciones para todas las necesidades climáticas

Solutions for all climatic needs

The high quality of the equipment, its long life and the extensive technical possibilities place Daikin at the head of the Spanish market for the air conditioning of small houses to large spaces for offices. Solutions for all climatic needs At Daikin, they have the largest selection of heating and cooling solutions to suit all […]

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We visited ISE 2019 in Amsterdam

We travel to Amsterdam to visit Integrated Systems Europe, the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration. Recognized as the world’s largest AV and systems integration program ISE began in 2004, with the first edition of the show held in Switzerland. It received 120 exhibitors and attracted 3,500 visitors. In 2019, it welcomed more […]

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Smart home

Elegance in control and automation

Control4, a leading provider of automation and control solutions, allows you to automatically control any device at home or in an office. Control and automation The aim of the company, founded in 2003, is to offer a more elegant and affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, videos, security and energy in a single […]

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Casa Arbequina Tecnoclima Tejado

Functional houses with a unique design

This house located in the Sierra Blanca Urbanization has an elegant project based on a criterion of functionality and simplicity. Casa Arbequina, whose name comes from a variety of olive trees that predominates in Andalusia, is designed with colors inspired by nature. Puroform bets on the quality of the finishes, designs and installations, paying special […]

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Instalaciones tecnocllima

Design and technology at your fingertips

Find what you need between our services Tecnoclima Installation and Maintenance was established in Marbella in 2008 with the aim of being a benchmark in the sector. Our high quality, prestige, exclusive design and professionalism have placed us at the forefront of the activities we develop, adapting quickly to the changes and challenges that the […]

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