Domotic control of air conditioning is one of the most interesting innovations that we find in the air conditioning sector today. It is about home automation of air conditioning so that we can control the air conditioning in our homes or offices in a practically automated way.

Domotising air conditioning means making our air conditioning intelligent. It is about making our air conditioning comfortable to use and as efficient as possible.

Domotic control of air conditioning, everything you need to know

When we implement a home automation system in our air conditioning, what we achieve is to leave behind the traditional way of using it. If we are usually used to using the remote control to control all aspects of the air conditioning, from switching it on to determining its temperature. Thanks to a company specialising in home automation, we will be able to leave all this behind and we will be able to operate the air conditioning based on the automations that we have determined.

Control domótico aire acondicionado

We could, for example, configure our system to activate the air conditioning when we open a door and enter our home or office. We could also establish that when a certain temperature is reached, the air conditioning is activated on its own to keep the room cool at all times. And all this could happen whether we are in the room we want to air-condition or outside it. So that it is perfectly prepared for when we go home or arrive at the office.

How are domotic air-conditioning installations carried out?

These types of installations are very specific and an air conditioning company like Tecnoclima can show us the advantages of smart homes so that we can determine which are the best possibilities for our new home automation installation. We offer our services in the province of Malaga and we are located in Marbella.

It is important that these installations are carried out by companies with experience in them, as they will be able to give us the best possible recommendations on what is the best thing we can do to optimise the performance of both the home automation part and the efficiency of the air conditioning.