Home automation allows us to automate certain tasks in the home, making our lives much simpler.

These devices have evolved a lot over the last few years: they are now more versatile (capable of doing more tasks), easier to control and with features that we would not have thought possible.

If you are interested in home automation, you should know about these devices:

Smart home automation: available devices and features


Home lighting automation is now a reality. By simply tapping on your mobile phone, or giving a voice command, you can turn off the light in any room, dim the lights, or even enable certain special functions.

Home lighting automation does not require complicated installation: in fact, there are smart bulbs that synchronise with the home router (via WiFi connection), so that they can be controlled from any compatible device.


Home automation systems can also control music. If we want unlimited music, we will have to sign up for a subscription (such as Amazon Music).

However, there are devices that allow us to listen to music completely free of charge: for example, via radio or postcast.


Can you imagine coming home to a cool house in summer or a warm house in winter? This is

All you have to do is install a WiFi thermostat and you can control the temperature from anywhere in the world via your mobile phone.

There are also air conditioners that can be controlled remotely.


Home automation systems can do more to help you protect your home than you might think.

We can integrate video surveillance cameras that can be viewed from mobile phones, tablets or monitors placed anywhere in the home.
The latest of the latest in home security are digital or smart locks. They allow opening in different ways (fingerprint reading, phone, passcode) and make it more difficult for burglars as they do not have a lock as such.