Elegance in control and automation

Control4, a leading provider of automation and control solutions, allows you to automatically control any device at home or in an office.

Control and automation

The aim of the company, founded in 2003, is to offer a more elegant and affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, videos, security and energy in a single room or in a whole house.

Elegancia en el control y la automatizacion

Devices that work together in homes or businesses

Control4 solutions interact with more than 7,000 distributors of electronic devices. By partnering with the most important brands of electronics, applications, energy, lighting and security, Control4 leads the interoperability industry, ensuring an ever-growing ecological system of devices that work together in homes or businesses.

TecnoClima, as a certified Control4 installer, offers the benefits of the smart and connected house: ease, tranquility and an efficient environment that is comfortable and safe.