In JUNG, the creative requirement and the ambition to carry out advanced solutions for the classic electrical installation up to the intelligent technical installation for the building interact with mastery. Strategic thinking and forward thinking have always characterized us.

Products and systems JUNG

JUNG systems offer future-proof solutions for both the classic electrical installation and the intelligent control of the building. The assembly and the start-up adapted to the professional are as essential as the easy and safe handling.

Design and innovative technology

In JUNG, the design of pure lines and innovation go hand in hand since 1912, and it is with LS 1912 that the company links with this tradition and takes it to practice in accordance with the style and tastes of each era. The switching mechanisms can be combined with the frames of the LS series.

Smart living

Feel the atmosphere, comfort and safety with just a touch of the finger. Always perfect light, automatically heated rooms and a remarkable increase in security.

At TecnoClima, as certified JUNG installers, we execute intelligent designs that respond to the needs of our clients and that are part of a whole strategy that takes into account the integration of the necessary functionalities and the optimization of resources. Ask for more information


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